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Why LiveWords?

Multilingual content is a given for successful global e-commerce. But why is it still so time-consuming? By far the largest effort of publishing in multiple languages is managing the workflow around content translation. LiveWords automates the translation workflow of your web content, handling all logistics around translating, reviewing and publishing, each time something is changed.


LiveWords is a cloud translation workflow solution that integrates with your content platform. LiveWords automates the change process involved in managing multilingual content by adding capabilities complementary to a content platform, such as change detection, content distribution, reusing translations and translation analytics.

Happy clients

Happy clients are essential for LiveWords, and this is more than a hollow phrase for us. If we do our job well, they spread their good experiences. And more importantly, with their insights they keep us up to date.

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Having quality software is great, of course, but we believe in delivering equally great support. That’s why our support agents are engineers that don't work with scripts. They solve your problem or give you a straight answer if they can't. Check out the questions our support agents often get.

Fix Your Workflow

Fix Your Workflow

Automating your translation workflow eliminates almost all manual effort necessary to publish changing content in multiple languages.

Translation workflow is a cyclic process that starts each time your content is modified, triggering a change detection that pushes modified content to your LiveWords app.

LiveWords updates its translation status, makes the relevant content available to translators or reviewers, and notifies each member on workflow steps that require attention. Translators and reviewers use LiveWords to translate content using a shared translation memory, facilitating translation consistency and re-use.

Finally, translated content is available on demand, or can be pushed back periodically to your content platform for publication.

During each cycle you keep tabs on your translation progress and get up-to-date insight in translation volume and costs. You’ll spend more time on content and less on managing logistics.

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Happy clients

Happy clients

  • “Our existing website, perfectly published in English, like a clone, but automatically up-to-date. A very comforting idea.”

    Sylvia de Winter, Content Manager, GVB

  • “With LiveWords we added 9 languages in start-to-finish less than a week. It required no technical implementation and our translators started within a day. I'm very happy with this solution.”

    Jorij Abraham, Managing Director, eCommerce Foundation

  • “We want to translate large volumes using multiple translation teams. LiveWords provides us with an effective translation workflow offering great translation re-use.”

    Twan Rutten, E-commerce Manager International Markets, FonQ

  • “Each week we sell more than 10.000 lots to bidders in 58 countries. Livewords drastically reduced our overhead and lead time for the translations. We love it!”

    Alexander Pluim, CTO,

  • “LiveWords meets our security policies, manages the full translation workflow for and provides a level of service that we are satisfied with.”

    Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs

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